Dong Phuong Bakery


De and Huong Tran emigrated to the US in 1980 and settled in the “Versailles” village of eastern New Orleans.  De worked long hours as a stocker at the local grocery store while studying engineering.  To help support her family, Huong began baking pastries she had learned as a child working in her father’s bakery in Vietnam.  Embracing his own passion for food and applying his aptitude for science, De dedicated his time to recreating his favorite foods from childhood.  In 1981, they opened Dong Phuong Oriental Bakery to bring their creations to the growing Vietnamese community. 


Dong Phuong literally means East.  The name depicts not only the culinary style but also the location in eastern New Orleans.   Our retail store has been providing the local community with fresh breads and pastries since the early eighties.  We also delivery fresh breads to popular local restaurants and eateries around the Greater New Orleans area.  A selection of our products are also available for purchase and shipment across the US through our wholesale division.

The adjacent restaurant offers tasty authentic Vietnamese and Chinese cuisines for breakfast and lunch.  They also provide catering service for special occasions such as weddings and engagement parties.  Their extensive catering menu features luxurious dishes such as braised abalone, stir-fry lobster, and shark’s fin soup. 

About Us: 

The three chinese characters in our logo is the name of Huong father’s bakery in Vietnam and    represents a tribute to his continued baking legacy.