Dong Phuong Bakery

Tucked in the eastern outskirts of New Orleans, before the swamplands, is a vibrant Vietnamese community.  And within this community, lies a 30-year-old bakery with Asian roots and French influence.  We invite you to make the journey and experience the unique offerings of Dong Phuong Bakery.  We not only create decadent Asian sweets but also bake the best french bread in the city.  Our diverse product offerings keep us recognized as one of the premier bakeries in New Orleans.


“New Orleans Best French Bread”



  1. M, W - Sun    8am - 5pm

  2. Closed Tuesday


  1. M, W-Sun    8am - 4pm

  2. Closed Tuesday


14207 Chef Menteur Hwy

New Orleans, LA  70129

  1. (504)254-0214

  2. (504)254-1568

(504) 254-1744 Fax

Welcome to the Far East - of New Orleans that is...

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Dong Phuong